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Industrial Flooring

01. Area Constructed

With 6 million sqm of concrete flooring executed so far, we can boast of being the leading industrial flooring expert in the Egyptian market.

02. Dedicated Design Team

Our design team has over twenty years of experience in creating industrial flooring solutions for different tiers of clients; from the small expansion in an existing structure to the biggest new factories for major industry clients. Each solution must be tailor-made for the client after carefully considering all the following:

  • Understanding your time constraints.
  • Site conditions & accessibility.
  • Special features and requirements.
  • Safety during and after construction.
  • Light reflectivity.
  • Lifetime/maintenance costs.

03. Experienced Construction Crew

Floortec considers its people the most valuable part of our company. A happy and satisfied crew with constant training and education on the newest techniques and tools ensures that Floortec is always leading the industrial flooring field in Egypt.

Each crew is trained and experienced with all our machines to make sure that all our clients will get the same high quality and quick finishing results.

04. Novochem Partnership

Floortec doesn’t simply buy its coatings & additives from third-party manufacturers, instead, we benefit from being under the PSC umbrella to partner up with NovoChem which is a leader in civil-related chemicals. With a versatile product portfolio ranging from economical to most advanced coatings & additives, our clients can rest easy that whatever their requirements we will be able to provide it.

05. State of the Art Tools & Machinery

In Floortec, we believe that we must provide our crews with the latest tools to help them achieve the highest quality for our clients in the shortest time to boost our productivity and quality. With a wide range of manual/power tools and machines that are constantly updated and upgraded to keep up with our different clients’ requirements.

Our range of tools and machines include :


01. Jointless Flooring System

02. Jointed Concrete Flooring

03. Metal Decking System

04. Over Screed system

05. Floortec Heavy Duty floors


01. Epoxy Paint system 

02. Epoxy Anti-Slip Paint system 

03. Epoxy Self-Leveling system 

04. Epoxy Mortar Flooring system