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We Never Stop
Adding Value


About us

  • Floortec is the market leader in Integrated Building Solutions

    Floortec is the market leader in Integrated Building Solutions with more than hundred projects under our name with new and returning customers who trust our quality and consistency to deliver on time.

    Striving to be the best at everything we do while adding value to our work is our main objective, that’s why Floortec is trusted by industry leaders to provide the quickest and most efficient solutions using our dedicated design teams, our network of sister companies under the PSC Group, and our experienced crews.

    We understand that every client is different, and every project is unique, thus our strength is the ability to adapt quickly to different circumstances and different Situations.

    We are proud of what we have achieved over years yet we intend to keep adding to our knowledge and experience by continuing to innovate and create new solutions, making life easier for all our clients, pushing the boundaries of creativity and imagination whilst growing profitably for you, and our people.

    As a family-owned company, we care about our people and the environment in which we live and work, not because of law & legislation, but because it is our way of life by adapting new concepts like green buildings and energy saving solutions


Our Vision

  • Adding Value to every project we participate in based on:

    -Being a friendly and supporting partner in our venture.
    -High performing and professional employees.
    -Being a leader in our industry through pioneering new solutions whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.
    -Understanding the importance of constant training and preparing.


Our Values

  • We are confident and passionate about our work.
  • We work as one team, supporting each other and taking advantage of our diverse experiences in different specializations.
  • We are customer-focused, understanding your needs and requirements is a top priority.
  • We are a solution-driven company that appreciates innovation and initiative-taking.


Our Services

Area constructed With 6 million sqm of concrete flooring executed so far, we can boast of being the leading industrial flooring expert in the Egyptian market.

Our design team has over twenty years of experience in creating industrial flooring solutions for different tiers of clients; from the small expansion in an existing structure to the biggest new factories for major industry clients.

Low Cost of Ownership Achieving sustainable & long-term solutions must account for both economic and environmental costs over the lifetime of a project. Initial costs don’t tell the complete story. The ongoing costs must be considered when you evaluate the long-term strategy for road shoulders, low-speed lanes, and industrial roads.

Rigid Pavement is much lower than traditional Asphalt paving when you consider that you would typically resurface asphalt pavement around 10-7 times for the same age of the concrete paved road.

Unleash your architect’s creativity and expand his imagination as PT offers bigger column-less spaces without the restraints that come with conventional concrete reinforcement. Our flexible solutions will offer the architect an efficient base for limitless designs and innovations.

Floortec is a subsidiary of the PSC Group, we have the support, the flexibility and agility to easily handle any challenge in the project. The group owns a Construction Chemicals plant, Steel Structure & Steel Strand Factories, Ready-mix Concrete Plant, and a trading company specializing in construction materials. All of this is under the umbrella of PSC, a tier 1 contractor in the construction field since 1995 with over 800 projects delivered to private, public, and governmental sectors.