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Integrated Construction

 01. Experienced crew

Having a talented design team isn’t enough to bring the project to life, and that’s why we equally ensure that our construction teams are as skilled and can deliver the best quality for our clients.

Our crew, scaling from the common workers to the top management, have decades of experience in their names. Several of them had years of international experience working with internationally renowned companies, all their knowledge and efforts will be an asset for your project.

 02. Floortec is a subsidiary of the PSC Group

we have the support, the flexibility and agility to easily handle any challenge in the project. The group owns a Construction Chemicals plant, Steel Structure & Steel Strand Factories, Ready-mix Concrete Plant, and a trading company specializing in construction materials. All of this is under the umbrella of PSC, a tier 1 contractor in the construction field since 1995 with over 800 projects delivered to private, public, and governmental sectors.

No task or challenge is bigger than our ambition to be the best in the field and being part of the PSC group helps us be dynamic and efficient in Fast-track projects.

03. Quality

Completing a single project is not a great feat but completing several projects for the same returning client signifies that we are achieving levels of quality that were beyond the client’s expectations, and that’s our motto. We’re not building structures; we’re building trust and confidence in our quality, ensuring your plan is well invested.

Integrated 3

Turn-Key Solutions

Our Turn-Key solutions offer our clients fully completed projects that are ready for operation or production on day one of delivery. Our team is experienced in various types of buildings and can dynamically make responsive and decisive decisions toward the best value for your investment.

Floortec applies high standards of safety and well-being during and after construction, avoiding every detail that might disturb your production or operation.

Design-Build Solutions

We have experience in working with Manufacturing-Line suppliers, hence freeing your time to focus on your other business operations. We can work directly with the supplier to design and build you a factory or a project according to their standards requiring no more additional work after we finish.

Our Approach enables us to tailor-make conceptual and technical drawings while maintaining value-engineering as our top priority, providing insights on pricing, financing, and phase schedules. Saving you time and money is our top priority while eliminating any risk for you as we assume full responsibility for the design and construction.

Warehousing & Racking systems

Floortec’s Warehousing system offers you fully constructed and furnished warehouse with the latest in racking technology and material handling equipment.

Beginning with the design phase, we focus on delivering the most optimum and safest solution for your warehouse, accelerating your inventory handling and cycle counts.

Being one of the top specialists in warehouse flooring, we benefit from the diverse expertise in our company to deliver you a smooth surface compliant with British Standards of FM2 and with the least number of joints ensuring your operations are almost never interrupted.

MEP design-build

Floortec’s MEP solutions offer your company an effortless approach to install new or expand existing equipment. Our veteran team has the experience of working with dozens of complex and simple projects, providing you the most economical and efficient decisions.