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01. Architectural benefits

Unleash your architect’s creativity and expand his imagination as PT offers bigger column-less spaces without the restraints that come with conventional concrete reinforcement. Our flexible solutions will offer the architect an efficient base for limitless designs and innovations.

02. Reduce Structural loads

PTslabs have lesser thickness than conventional reinforcement, with a saving of up to %30 in concrete and reinforcement weight. This helps reduce the overall dead load of the structure and streamline the foundations’ design, thus saving you money and time needed for the additional reinforcement.

03. Structural durability

PT Shows reduced cracking and therefore reduces maintenance costs and increases the slab’s lifetime durability. Even the slab’s deflection can be controlled by varying the amount of post-tensioning to balance any portion of applied loads immediately after stressing..

04. Commercial spaces

Having thinner concrete slabs means more available clear floor-to-floor height for commercial use, generating more rentable space from the same total building height.

05. Popularity

With an increasing demand for PT throughout the world, everyone is preferring PT due to its significant benefits and savings for all parties; from the developer, architect, engineer, contractor, to end-user. In the end, you will be getting modern solutions that keep up with modern designs


Accomplished projects

Floortec has already delivered multiple mega projects since 2014 with up to 6000 tons of Post-Tension spanning across 30 Projects as of the end of 2021, leading the industry in Egypt in both quality and experience.

Devoted and skilled design team

With an in-house design team dedicated to designing competitively economic solutions, we offer great insights into all aspects of the benefits of PT as an alternative to conventional reinforcement even at the concept phase of the project.

Experienced engineers & crew

Our Project managers, site engineers, supervisors, and laborers have over a decade of experience on their names, assuring you a smooth operation from start to finish.

Ability to deliver on time

Floortec understands the changing nature of work sites and the unexpected need to finish a specific phase of a project. Careful planning and the ability to adapt are what differentiates our company from the competition.

Standards We Follow

British Standards

European Organisation

Post Tension Institute