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Robbiki Leather City

  • Client
    Armed Forces
  • Consultant
  • Total Area
    120,000 m²
  • Location
    10th of Ramadan City

Leather industry development project in Roubeki is considered a national project that brings many benefits and advantages to the state and society.
The tanneries were moved from Misr El-Kadima in 1995, when the Governor of Cairo issued Decree No. 161/1995 to make the site north of Badr city an industrial area that is allocated for the tanneries and glue factories instead of being an agricultural land.

On May 10, 2003, the Special Ministerial Committee, chaired by the Prime Minister, issued a decree to change the tanneries place; however, the project remained suspended for nearly 12 years. Thanks to the support of the current political leadership and its determination to achieve the dream of making Roubeki the first Leather Industrial City, the Industrial Development Authority in 2015 could complete one of the three stages of the project in a few months since the President called for finalizing the project in a less time than was scheduled.